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Vinstant – jjsandgreen


A stories only app.

Vinstant is a stories only app for iOS. A standalone stories app makes it possible to create multiple stories and to collaborate with friends on the same story as well as following people and their stories.

When I designed the underlying structure, I had one keyword in mind: Lego. A videos is traditionally a combination of a series of hardcoded clips, in one heavy/long/fixed file. At Vinstant it was important for me to avoid it and to make it possible to instead “softcode clips” in a video (a story).

Founder, Designer
Balloon inc.
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Save and Remix clips.

Vinstant is designed so each clip in a story functions as a lego-piece. When you find a specific clip that is meaningful to you, you can Save the clip which automatically is added to your Saved Library. You can then creatively combine your own clips with the clips you have Saved, making it richer and more accessible to tell better stories. We call it “remix clips”.

Each clip is also designed in a way so you can directly remix a clip you think is meaningful by adding it to one of your own stories.

The vinstant app also fully supports landscape mode, so your story experience isn’t locked to portrait mode only.


The result of Vinstant is a group-creative and group-storytelling platform where you can tell and experience a story told from multiple angles.

The story format is replacing the feed-format and I believe one of the key reasons is that with in story-format, you “play” a story to remove all noise when diving in.

Youtube has a feed, but that feed hides when you play a video, removing all noise. Vinstant is placed between a video- and a feed experience through stories and clips. The content and navigation experience is rich, fun and easy.