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Kalaallit Airports – jjsandgreen


constructing Greenland's biggest airports in 3 cities.

It was a privilige to be given the task to lead the product development of the website for Greenlands biggest aviation initiative, for the 2nd time.

I first led the website development for Kalaallit Airports A/S in early 2017. Since then the aviation project has received hundreds of million in funding and divided to three companies. Due to the reorganisation I was given the challenge to develop one website for three companies with the goal of making it easy to navigate and easy to understand which company you’re in each page.

Product Manager
Kalaallit Airports Holding A/S
Project Link:

three websites in one.

The challenge was clear from the beginning: We needed to design a website for three separate companies in one website and it needed to be user-friendly.

I learned the key for this was in the landing page experience (screenshot below). We decided to design a landing page with no scroll, but that presents you with “Welcome to Kalaallit Airports Holding A/S” the main company and followed by two options: International (2 airport projects) and Domestic (1 airport project).

The underlaying challenge included a repetitive organisation of information: 3 x About , 3x Board Members, 3x Company Documents and so on.


To make the repetitive information for each company accessible and easy to navigate in we decided to solve it in the ‘Footer’ section, making sure that each page used the ‘Footer’ divided in 3 sections, one section for each company.

One more noticeable and highly important addition we made came from management experience from their v.1 website which I also led in making. It was to give the visitor an overview of the latest activities from each company as a shortcut list. Every time one of the companies made a change or addition to their documents, changed policies, its board members or have news it would be visible in its latest activities. This came from the previous experience of not knowing or not having a clear experience of the latest changes for such an important initiative for Greenland and its people.