# v2.

fixing the broken hashtag.

The initial purpose of the hashtag was to organize content by tags, making it easy for you to navigate and dive further in to content of your interest. As todays hashtags are messier than your news feed, I decided to execute the initial purpose of the hashtag through design.

Product Designer
Balloon inc.
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Hashtag 2.0

Arranging a hashtag to a series of groups.

The past three years of work with approx. 50 version shipments through different apps have ultimately led us to this: Grouping within hashtags and making hashtags collaborative.

Quick example: Let’s say your account is @jjsandgreen and you follow @bobbybrown and @jespertjader. You then search for #skiing in the search field and get following results:

#skiing 7,5m posts
#skiing with jjsandgreen and 7 others
#skiing with bobbybrown and 4 others
#skiing with jespertjader and 8 others
#skiingislife 235k posts
#(etc. list with similar…)


The public hashtag

Opening the “#skiing 7,5m posts” hashtag results in an impersonal and noisy experience that does not add value to you as it is fully public shared with every single registered user.

The personal hashtag

Opening the “#skiing with jjsandgreen and 7 others” hashtag results in a highly personal experience as it is your own collaborative hashtag within the #skiing hashtag you share with 7 friends.

The following hashtag

Opening the “#skiing with bobbybrown and 4 others” hashtag results in a personalized experience as you already follow @bobbybrown and this is his collaborative hashtag within the #skiing hashtag he share with 4 friends.