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Balloon Stories – jjsandgreen


a collaborative social media platform.

Every post on Balloon Stories is always connected to a story, which we call a ‘balloon’. A ‘balloon’ acts as a visual dynamic folder. Instead of organizing content by profiles, we organize them by topics, interests and conversations.

Users can collaborate on the same ‘balloon’ to tell a richer story by sharing content and experiences from different perspectives.

Founder, Product Designer
Balloon inc.
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how you are in control of your feed.

Since all the content is organized by ‘balloons’, you can follow and unfollow each balloon based on what you want to see in your feed.

If you choose to follow someone, you will automatically follow all of the balloons s/he creates. However, if there are any balloons they created that do not pique your interest, you can simply unfollow that balloon.

You can also choose to only follow a specific balloon without following an entire profile of balloons that s/he creates.


By organizing content into balloons, there are some very powerful things you can do on Balloon Stories, that you cannot do on any other platform.


You can collaborate easily on stories and conversations. You are no longer just tagging someone in a post.


You can follow and unfollow balloons based on what you want to see. You no longer have to follow an entire profile and see all the disparate content coming from that one profile.


You can have both public and private balloons on one platform. You have the ability to create different types of balloons based on who you want to see the conversation and who you want to participate in the conversation.