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Assembler – jjsandgreen


An interactive lesson tool for teachers, designed and built with teachers.

The workflow for the modern teacher is complicated with a series of dependencies and I was given the challenge to simplify and automise it. Assembler is now being used by the Greenland education sector by Majoriaq as well as the University for upcoming teachers and is made for the iPad, iPhone and Android phones with offline support.

My initial approach

I started by separating a teachers method with the students method and began researching the learning method of students which turned out to be way different compared to the teachers teaching method.

Product Manager and Designer
Sila Consulting ApS (Client)
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Simplifying and unifying teachers.

The style of work and teaching for each teacher was different. A teacher usually sticks to what works for him/her, then the students needed to adapt, meaning the learning experience was different for the students for each teacher. One of the surprising downsides was that a teach often felt lonely without active knowledge sharing or knowledge accessibility to other teachers teaching in the same field. I researched how the teaching style could be simplified and automised and the answer became: An interactive lesson board.


The teachers really disliked Keynote and Powerpoint as much as a teenager disliked Word and Pages. They were too technical and complex and the tools took too much of the attention when used, losing focus and momentum.

From my first approach I learned the students learning method weren’t solely text based, but was highly visual and sound-based. I listed following tools: Title, Text, Photo, Illustration, Audio, Video, Links and Youtube.

When a student is expected to learn by reading texts only, many students are excluded. When a student is expected to express by writing texts only, many students are excluded.

Our ability to learn and to express really vary, so I decided to design a tool that democratises and balances these abilities and tools. The result is this:

Compared to the tools offered by Keynote and Powerpoint, Assembler simply offers 12 tools in total. Drag-and-drop a tool from the left bar to the Board. The interface for a board is pre-designed and pre-formatted based so a teacher should never worry about using time of trying to make a lesson presentational.

The unique value of Assembler appeared when we made lesson sharing possible between teachers. We track how each student performs based on the lesson made by the teacher. If there is class that struggles then the Assembler app recommend the teacher of that class to try and use another teachers lesson which the teacher can use and further edit without changing the original, but by making his/her own.

As of lately I designed the ability for students to give feedback to the teacher for each lesson the student has completed. This way the teacher will stay up to date with what works and what can be done better. Instead of creating a new lesson of the same from scratch, the teacher can make edits and addition to the lesson as the lesson will most likely be used again next year or by other teachers from other schools and towns.