My Values.

“Everything begins and ends with communication.”


After graduating from Soroe Academy, Denmark I co-founded a media and a weekly magazine company in Greenland in late 2009 before applying to universities. I told myself if the first year turned profit I’d delay my plans to go to a university. Surprisingly the first year turned profit and the adventure quickly led to employing 32 people and 130 weekly active advertisers.

It has since led me on an international journey to start, close and complete projects in Greenland, Denmark and NYC both in the consumer, enterprise and governmental markets.


I am good at collaborating with a series of teams across organizations and communicating clearly with everyone involved. It’s important for me to listen and dive deep in a conversation and not answer to close a topic. I have made mistakes in closing a what was to become an important input too early until it was too late. I strongly believe in helping people to help myself or to receive help, as we are ultimately collectively helping each other. I often repeat to myself that we have two ears and one mouth. Act so.

One of the key strengths I have learned the ability to come up with solutions, ideas and create on the spot which I think comes from 10+ years of intense and constant problem solving and execution.

I speak 3 languages fluently and use all of them on a daily basis: Greenlandic (at home), Danish (with close friends) and English (at work).


I either think in minutes to be individually productive or in quarters to be patient in moving towards the collective goal set. If I am leading a project or have responsibility for certain areas I do not hesitate in taking the responsibility if it does not deliver or it simply fails. Or if someone in the team feels guilty I quickly share the feeling of guilt reminding we are in this together and the situation mostly likely came from inefficient collective communication and mistiming of expectations and spend important time in sharing life stories.

Deliver. Together.

I’m highly self motivated and driven by the experience of delivering. I do not really believe in delivering tasks and let go, but in sharing tasks throughout with communication making sure my teammate has everything needed to do a great job with joy and clarity.

I am good at receiving, planning and delivering projects or main tasks with a series of tasks in them and being highly flexible throughout the day. My time in my Let It Snow agency has taught me the ability to instantly shift between projects and teams without losing momentum.


I grew up in Nuuk (18K people), Greenland in a country where each city is isolated from each other and can only be accessed by air or sea, so I’ve always spend a lot of time on the mountains or sailing in the fjord.

My hobbies consist of being active outdoors. I do in particular enjoy backcountry skiing and freestyle skiing during Winter and mountain biking, trail running and sailing during Summer. I have always invested in my hobbies, not only with gears, but having fun producing videos and photos using different cameras and drones and sharing them on social media.

As a teenager I dreamed of becoming a movie director and the joy of working with videos have always been with me and have sporadically resulted in getting hired by companies to produce commercials or vlogs.

Keep learning.

Education is really good. Experience is better. Education and Experience in parallel is unbeatable.

I am a big believer of balancing a never ending education with a never ending experience to ensure both makes sense and creates a knowledge that can be converted to actions in future situations. The worlds first pilot had a very different story towards his first flight compared to todays pilots. I enjoy reading peoples stories on Medium and completing courses on Udemy.

We all do so much to collect knowledge and listening to other peoples experiences, but if we can not convert that information into actions when really needed, then where is the value? The most actionable information we trust comes from our own experiences rather than from listening to other peoples experiences. It is so important to remain humble, humble enough to keep wanting to learn and to experience success and failure firsthand. The market is dynamic, broad and always bigger than a company with the most marketshare, so should our skills and teams be.

Remember: The puzzle game never came with a countdown. If you give yourself time enough and work with people, the hardest puzzles can be solved.